Search engines
 KidRex website (opens in new window)
KidRex is a kid-friendly search engine.

 Duck Duck Go website (opens in new window)

  Duck Duck Go is a kid-friendly search engine.
Creative Commons website (opens in new window)
  Use Creative Commons to find copyright free photos.


 Mid-Continent Public Library Databases  (opens in new window)

  The Mid-Continent Public Library Databases have reliable, trustworthy information.  Use your library card to access these great resources.
 Primary Search Database  (opens in new window)

  Primary Search Database is a full-text database providing children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedic entries and a large image collection. 
    Explora Databases (opens in new window)

  Explora Database for K-5 researchers. This is a terrific database for reliable research information.

Pebble GO Database (opens in new window)

  Pebble GO is a database for K-3 researchers.